Elektra. There’s so much to say about Elektra. She is a formidable opponent. She has the skills, techniques and the physical prowess to become a great pure fighter for the greater good yet she struggles with her spiritual side. She is unable to let go of her hate, pain, grief, aggressiveness and vengeful nature which… Read More Elektra

The Shinobi

Shinobi or otherwise commonly known as Ninjas captured the attention of many due to their sheer prowess. They were lethal and stealthy, they were similar to early versions of a Seal Team Six. Well trained, highly effective and very devoted to their calling. Ninjas took on various roles ranging from that of mercenary to spy… Read More The Shinobi


“Energy is all around us. A physical quantity that follows precise natural laws. It’s neither created nor destroyed. But it can take different forms such as kinetic or potential. With different formulas and properties to remember.” There’s this pale blue dot called the earth in which we live and in this dot there are natural… Read More Energy