Luxury Fragrances x Branding x Exclusivity

This week we will be breaking down luxury colognes and perfumes and what really makes them so attractive. These ‘Tier 1’ fashion labels such as Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, etc. take a rather common product, cologne or perfume in this case, and turn it to in art of wonder. But how? And are they really worth procuring for the rather notable difference in price? Here we will break down some controversial products and why we love them so much.


‘Eau de cologne’: Mild fragrance. Blend of extracts, alcohol, and water or essential oils (2-5%).

‘Eau de toilette’: Stronger fragrance. Refers to ‘aromatic waters’ and ideally possesses a high alcohol content. Sometimes referred to as ‘flower water’.

‘Eau de parfum’: The strongest fragrance. A mixture of fragrant essential oils, fixatives, solvents, or aroma compounds.



Chanel No. 5 Perfume
Chanel No. 5 Perfume

Various Ueber-Brands have secrets to their immense and stunning labels and the first secret Chanel is exemplifying here is Product Incomparable. The luxury brand has established a market position as the fourth most expensive liquid in the world ($25,600/gal) putting itself way ahead of Insulin ($9,411.76/gal) and even Human Blood ($1514.79/gal). When a perfume is ranked above life necessities such as Blood and Insulin, price becomes a mere triviality because want starts to exceed need psychologically.


Top 10 Most Expensive Liquids
Top 10 Most Expensive Liquids



Caron's Poivre
Caron’s Poivre

The distinct, pepper-scented fragrance was engineered by Michael Morsetti in 1954. The overall delivery of this perfume product has made it very successful. It comes in a Baccarat bottle glowing of crystal and a white gold collar. Notice how this brand dropped the idea of the everyday cardboard packaging and produced a fabricated throne for their product to fill. It’s difficult to make anything appear sub-par in packaging this unique.


Clive Christian No. 1
Clive Christian No. 1

Another fascinating display of rare gems embraces the perfume of Clive Christian No. 1. The baccarat crystal bottle features a 5-carat cut white diamond accompanied by a modest 18-carat solid gold collar. Only 10 of these were ever made and purchasing one may have you declaring war on peasants worldwide (unproven).


3 thoughts on “Luxury Fragrances x Branding x Exclusivity

  1. Nice journey into Ueber-Territory. You can read an entire book about Ueber-Brands – modern Prestige Brands in “Rethinking Prestige Branding – Secrets of the Ueber-Brands”. You will find Chanel, Hermes or Dior there, but also Aesop, Brunello Cucinelli, le ‘petit h’ and Shan Xia… Here is the link to the related blog: And here is the book:

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    1. This is actually the same book that inspired me to start this blog and inspired us to launch our own fashion line! Thanks for the reference! We’re currently in the process of designing, understanding the nuances of the fashion/consumer goods industry, and networking with experts within the industry. I’d love to setup an interview via email or skype if you’d be open to the opportunity. Feel free to reach us at


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