Designer Showcase : Giuseppe Zanotti

His footwear is coveted by many regardless of gender or profession, his loyal fans range from hip hop artists to house wives in Beverly hills. Giuseppe Zanotti, a man born in San Mauro Pascoli, Italy, was born to be a creative and bless us with his pieces of art.

He can be seen with celebrities from Belen Rodriguez to Beyonce Knowles.

Giuseppe Zanotti e Belen Rodriguez
MILAN, ITALY – SEPTEMBER 24: Giuseppe Zanotti and Belen Rodriguez attend the Giuseppe Zanotti Design Spring/Summer 2012 collection press preview as part Milan Womenswear Fashion Week on September 24, 2011 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Vincenzo Lombardo/Getty Images for Giuseppe Zanotti Design)



Certainly an interesting world.

So, how has he come so far , where did he start ?

Surprisingly enough, he started off as a DJ. That’s correct. A radio DJ.

He had to undergo many struggles and even had a seven year stretch where he had to soul search which eventually landed him in fashion. Even in music he was always pushing the boundaries, he played music that wasn’t common to Italy at the time, from jazz to soul.

Yet, there was problem. He followed his passion in music but it didn’t pay the bills.Music led him to fashion.

How ? He followed the styles of the major artists of the time as he was an avid collector of LP covers and was enamored by them.

He always had a flair for designing, as a kid he would design a variety of things from cars to ice cream cones.

Zanottis Steps 

So after leaving behind his radio past, he transitioned into the next best things, stepping into the shoe industry. He started off working for a shoe manufacturing company to be able to learn the technical aspects of creating a shoe.

After a four year stint at the local manufacturing company he branched off and started freelancing as a designer for a variety of brands, he even designed for Valentino.

He then was able to establish his own brand after purchasing a small shoe making company.

Yet, even after purchasing the shoe making company, he still designed shoes for houses like Balmain.

His first collection debuted in 1995.

And is continually inspired by hip hop music from Kanye west to Rihanna.

It’s hard not to appreciate his contributions to the fashion world when he’s able to create pieces such as these .


If you find yourself in Italy, certainly peruse his showroom in Milan on Italy’s  upscale shopping street Via Monte Napoleone.

Showroom in Milan

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