In  light of President Obama officially reigniting relations with Cuba, we would love to pay homage to their design, culture and way of life.

There’s just something about Cuba that we’ve been fascinated with.

Is it the fact that Cuba is a forbidden fruit for citizens of the United Stats ?

There is something about the essence that the people of Cuba exudes, from their cigars to their apparel and their food. They’ve had their significant impact on history with the trade of culture with U.S as well as their involvement in political snafus like the Bay of Pigs.

We wanted to emphasize a couple of aspects of the Cuban culture that are fascinating.


The Attitude – A significant amount of people from Cuba have a love hate relationship with their country. They love their home yet they loathe the socio-economic climate that is present in their nation, opportunity has been withheld from them. Yet, their attitude is extraordinary, they seem to understand and appreciate life and value relationships and people by being hospitable.



The Food. 

The food has been blessed with a mixture of the past people present. The food has a mix of touches from the peoples of the French, Spanish, African, Arabic, Chinese & even Portuguese nations that have either colonized or had relations with the native peoples of the region in some form or fashion.



Their Classic Cars.

Who could forget their classic cars ? There are many of these running around due to restrictions on imports placed by their government. This ironically is one of the reasons Cuba is coveted by many in the U.S due to these classic beauties being a rarity.







Cuban Art


Juego de domino


Who could forget the iconic Che ?

Che by Alfredo Rostgaard



Who could forget classics like  Desi Arnaz & Gloria Estefan ?



Ready to go to Havana ? 

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