Artist Spotlight: Future

If you’ve seen Future’s recent album covers you’re probably wondering how a rapper has the capacity to design in Photoshop amidst tours, interviews, and other such things.

To take a glance we see:


Very modern. Simplistic yet unique. You might wonder how he made this graphic upon seeing it and the answer is he didn’t. Future actually acquired this photo via Shutterstock for ~$80. Not bad in business terms of outsourcing graphic design but I’d certainly allocate a higher price point to this masterpiece.

Future’s EVOL Album Cover Art

Stunning. To be able to visualize this before it was ever made is incredible. The subtle red and the black ash makes this stand out. This artwork was actually sourced through Ars Thanea, a Polish production and advertising firm based in Warsaw (with an office in NYC). This was originally a reference image and not intended to be a final product but absolutely intriguing none the less.

Check out the design process on Behance! 

Stunning work, well played by Future on choosing captivating cover art.


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