Zaha Hadid

It’s always a shame to see a great pass away.

The First Woman to receive the Pritzker Prize and rightly so.

Distinctive Design. Creative. Boundless Enthusiasm & Energy with creations that take one’s breath away.

She had an intimate understanding of the principles of design.


“Architecture is how the person places herself in the space. Fashion is about how you place the object on the person.” – Zaha Hadid


She was aware of mediocrity and how easily one can slip into it.

“I will never give myself the luxury of thinking, ‘I’ve made it.” – Zaha Hadid



She was passionate about her work.

“When you are overworked and exhausted, there is a sense of kind of delirium and that’s why I think architects do all-nighters and they kind of do those deadlines. For four days I remember doing four nights in one row with no sleep. I mean nobody, unless you are crazy, would do that, but you are totally focused on the project. – Zaha Hadid

“I think about architecture all the time. That’s the problem. But I’ve always been like that. I dream it sometimes.”


She cared about expression.

“I’m into fashion because it contains the mood of the day, of the moment – like music, literature, and art.”




May You Rest in Peace Zaha.


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