Gallerie: The Aēsop Enigma

When you combine the work ethic of groundbreaking architects like Ciguë, Torafu, and Weiss-Heiten with an revolutionary skin care product you get Aēsop.

A luxury brand that seeks to blend into the bathroom with an old-fashioned brown bottle appearance. If we refine this statement we can deduce the brand is aiming to accomplish more with less, and succeeding.


Perhaps because it’s more of a museum than a store built upon foundational philosophical knowledge. On the website and on brand materials you’ll find insightful quotes from renown scholars from all disciplines like this:

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”.

-Edgar Degas

Quite literally it’s a clever brand attracting art students, writers, and designers while naturally deflecting fickle-minded consumers possessing the attention span of gnats – breathing life into literature again through cosmetic luxuries.


A brand truly centered around learning and growth never grows old. Aēsop has managed to attract and bring customers down to earth with their interesting stories centered around self-discovery and wisdom.

Quite interesting considering we crave brands the most that make us feel what we cannot express – our reach for the higher truth.

Aesop 6

Their story is more comparable to one written by a hollywood director and they’ve slowly rolled out the tightly-controlled brand store by store even though demand is well above supply.

This is the how they protect their sacred brand especially when they control everything from white employee lab coats, the same bic pens they use, their inability to eat at their work desk, and even the toilet paper they use.

Aēsop actually encourages their employees to cook with coworkers during lunch or read in the library.

And when it’s your birthday, you receive a book on your favorites list.


Great stories allow us to create our own identity as knowledge leaders, insiders, and sophisticates. This is how we bring life unto material and add intrinsic value.

By tying in the combined enigma of Aēsop’s fables and precious knowledge with modern design, Aēsop has taken the throne.

“Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

-Albert Einstein

The modern-day Aēsop fables may be viewed on their website digest called The Fabulist.

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