Govan Originals

Etsy is a great marketplace because it promotes independence, uniqueness and distinction, allowing individuals to create and cater to their individual communities of buyers who are drawn to their creations.

We celebrate specialization and individuals striving to carve their place in the fashion world and so we will be highlighting different pieces from Etsy.

The first company we want to talk about is Govan Originals.

Govan Originals is a company founded in London and is comprised of five people, Kevin Sefton , Joscelyn, Jeremy, Arthur and Ellie.

The reason why they originated Govan Originals is because they felt that “men’s shoes become more adventurous” adding a little bit more flavor and color to your wardrobe and your life.

The Product

Handmade First Edition Arkwright Brown Leather & Harris Tweed



These shoes are compelling and convey a sense of intellectualism and refinement.

The brown leather intermingled with the Harris Tweed paints a picture in our minds of some one consuming the leather bound editions of a classic author like Rumi or Mark Twain.


They would certainly serve as a potential gift for any occasion.

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