Énigme: Vantablack

The darkest substance known to man. A series of carbon nanotubes grown to absorb 99.965% of radiation in the visible spectrum. In other words, almost no light escapes Vantablack making it incomprehensibly dark.


This product is golden egg many artists have been chasing lately but only one man, Anish Kapoor, has been granted exclusive rights for artistic use. It turns out that the CTO of Surrey NanoSystems has a passion for Kapoor’s work (shown below).


This image looks as if someone photoshopped a black box on a rock but it’s actually Vantablack. This is Anish Kapoor playing with your mind through his artwork. Here are some other articles of work from Kapoor:




In addition to being rare and hard to make, the product is cost intensive as well – making it a heavily sought item in the design world. It’s so expensive that no one will even reveal the price. Needless to say, other designers aren’t happy about these exclusive rights exclaiming that Vantablack should be available to everyone.

What would you make with Vantablack?


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