“Kamikaze’s sacrificed themselves for an ideal. But in vain.”

The land of Japan is rich in history, culture and spirituality and so we will be doing a series on the various intriguing aspects of it.

The first aspect that’s alluring is the aspect of Kamikaze or officially known as Tokubetsu Kōgekitai .

The word kamikaze means Divine Wind.

The concept of Kamikaze is intriguing & bewildering. One believes so strongly in their values that they would sacrifice their future for it. They would go as far as to die for it.

Kamikaze behavior originated due to extreme environments, extreme pressures were exerted on the Japanese and one of the reactions that took place due to thinking that takes place during was the birth of the Kamikaze.

That philosophy reflects commitment and many other values that are hard to find in the society that we live in today, yet, the concept of Kamikaze does have it’s drawbacks., the main one being that the individual had to sacrifice his life!

There was many reasons that compelled to live in such a manner.

They were doing it protect their land, the land that had so much meaning for them, it meant saving their society, their history, their values and their culture and their honor.

Most Kamikazes were not family men, so there seems to be this interesting intersection of having nothing to lose that were near and dear to them (like family) but everything to gain at the same time.

They protected everything losing themselves.

It’s an extreme principle that applied for times of warfare.

Interestingly, this concept applies to specific individuals today. Well, at least for those individuals that strive to be better and better each day.

Every day is a battle. A battle between your greater self and your lesser self.

What one is striving to protect is greatness. Sacrifice for the best art and the best acts of expression.

Live intensely, live full of adrenaline, live full of passion.

This the only way to live when pursuing greatness.







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