Connectedness: Heartbeat Sasaki

We live together in one world, independent, yet interdependent. 

Sasaki’s project is intriguing due it portraying the essence of our lives, our heartbeats and how we live each second in an interesting pattern. Sasaki portrays individuality and togetherness at the same time through the individual heartbeat patterns and how they interlink.

Powerful & Thought Provoking. 


“Through a 6 day workshop Heartbeat-Sasaki continuously drew 3 minute “Heartbeat Portraits” of 139 participants.

1. A pulse monitor was attached to the finger of the participant, and the measured signal was output as audio in real time through a set of speakers, the sound and rhythm echoing throughout the space.
2. In response to this rhythm Sasaki drew the image of heartbeat waves for a period of 3 minutes. Participants were given the unique opportunity to experience the sound and rhythm of their own heartbeat while watching this depicted as a “Heartbeat Drawing” by Sasaki.
3. The participant then signed their own “Heartbeat Drawing”. Through this process the “Heartbeat Drawing” becomes proof of each person’s living being and come to form “Heartbeat-Portraits”.”


Via Heartbeat Drawing

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