Begin Anew

The fun is in discovering the new.

Yet, to discover the new, one must have patience – intensely study and be prepared for the flash of insight.


It is interesting how the creators of Marvel seem to have never really exhausted themselves and are always able to create great quality content.


Here is an excerpt from how Stan Lee, the chairman of Marvel, comes up with his superhero characters:


“I sit down with a pencil and paper at my desk, and I think about what I can do that hasn’t been done before. If I can’t think of a new superpower, I try to think of a new quality that a character might have.

Maybe this character has a certain ability that’s given him nothing but grief.

Thinking up stories is easy. Thinking up the characters is easy.

It’s finding a way to make it something that people have never seen before — that’s what’s difficult. It’s also what’s the most fun.”

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