Unity & The Meiji Restoration

Unity can do wonders for a society.

Harmony can lead to great cultural products and advancement as well.

The Meiji Restoration was a boon for Japan because it took it from an era of Shoguns in divisiveness & separation to unification and having an open mind in foreign affairs.

Instead of practicing an isolationist foreign policy, they formed sound holistic policies which allowed them to be a part of the global scene in regards to their relationship with the West.


The thinkers and advisers of the time thought that the best way to go forward was to immerse themselves in the ways of the west to be able to evict the members of the west from the landing of the rising sun when necessary.

For everyone to embrace the west, the groups of advisers had to make sure the powerful samurai class was on board.

The only issue was the Samurai class were, in a sense, bred to be anti-western.

The Samurai had to be furiously nationalistic and specific-community oriented to be as intense as they were.

One had to trump their ideology, their world view, to have them go according to the plan.

The only way to get the samurai class on board was through an order by the ultimate authority, the emperor.

In the end unity was achieved under the young emperor Meiji.


The Restoration thrusted Japan into the present and sparked it’s becoming a major power on the global stage.


4 thoughts on “Unity & The Meiji Restoration

  1. The way some Japanese managers behave . . .puffing their chests, walking as if the have a sword at their side . . .all gruff. The know that conformity is required and they seek to ensure it by exerting themselves as the conformity police. They themselves act immune.

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