Wa Pt. II



The concept of Wa seems to be ingrained into the culture of Japan that we must elaborate on it further.


Wa also means gentleness of spirit, tying the aspect of harmony to the root of society at the individual level.

Harmony permeates the psyche of the individual in how one sees the world around them and in how one conducts themselves in day to day life matters in all parts of life in general living to creative expressions.

Wa is a rigid concept yet it is also flexible. Harmony will require different actions and different structures in different settings.

Harmony is surprisingly found in our vast universe from laws of gravity to the laws of the jungle.


Harmony must flow perpetually throughout life .


Here’s how Wa can be applied in your life.

  • Discipline – Eliminate or minimize excess and waste .
  • Self control – Follow the above principle of not participating in wanton excess & practice the principles of Yokusei (self-control) & Setsudo (moderation).
  • Consistency – We long for the new, interesting and intriguing yet see results with continuous application of a couple of activities. These daily activities sustain and us and help us to grow and one is able to derive this from the next principle.
  • Clarity – When there is clarity, there is focus, when there is focus there is minimal excess therefore no disorder or uncleanliness.
  • Humility – Where humility exists, there also lies strength and peace.
  • Poetic – Poems capture our imagination and interest in subtle ways. Be poetic.

Wa is simply form in everything one does.

What’s your form?





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