Interconnected Freedom

Men live together. They need each other, in the first place, in order that they may remain alive. Beyond that, they need each other. For each of us seeks to know himself, and many aspects of ourselves can be seen only by others, we can learn of them only through others. Am I witty, aggressive, self-centered, sly, easily annoyed? The terms have little meaning for the castaway on a desert island. Nor can this information be obtained from creatures I am trying to debase to the level of objects, as slaves, “perfect” servants, members of “subject races.” My freedom requires theirs, and requires that they realize their freedom.

Times of solitude and reflection allow us to contemplate and understand ourselves yet we are able to experience existence differently when we interact with those around us.


Those around us directly or indirectly help us to understand who we when we collide with or mesh with the raw personalities and souls of the others who come into our plane of existence.


When we fail to understand our freedom depends on the harmony that takes place in our interconnectedness we are able to make better decisions and lead more holistic and fruitful lives.

Independent yet interdependent moves us to further places and destinations.

Live interconnected. Go further.

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