“Energy is all around us.

A physical quantity that follows precise natural laws.

It’s neither created nor destroyed.

But it can take different forms such as kinetic or potential.

With different formulas and properties to remember.”

There’s this pale blue dot called the earth in which we live and in this dot there are natural laws of energy.

These laws of energy have applications in our universe, our earth and our day to day lives.

But first, where does this energy come from?

“The energy of our planet comes from internal sources and external sources. The internal sources of energy are geothermal energy and rotational energy.

While the primary external source of energy is the sun which drives certain systems like our weather and climate.”

Similar systems are also present in our day to day lives and help us to grow and thrive or wither and die slowly.


We have many similarities to the earth and it’s relationship to the larger universe.

We too posses a finite amount of energy which can not be created or destroyed.

We too possess internal energy and and external energy.

Our internal energy comes from mental well being, beliefs and values.

Our external sources of energy are the people, environments, content we surround ourselves with and the food which we consume.

The closer you are to the producers of food on a food chain the more energy you are able to receive.

Surround yourself with people who are able to provide you with the most amount of energy.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 12.02.40 PM


We have a finite amount of energy on daily basis and cumulatively in life years.

Spend them wisely.



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