Energy Pt. II

When you get out of bed in the morning, do you do so with a feeling of loathing, hesitance and lack of vitality and purpose?

Do you find yourself pressing the snooze button instead of being excited to wake up in the morning and embrace the new day?

Why do you think that is?

The reasons for this apathy are many, it may be a lack of respect for your life and the time which you have here on this earth, it may be a lack of peace due to current and recent events going on in your life or it may be a lack of general understanding of what you want to do in life.


The feelings of sullenness could also arise from poor diets, improper exercise patterns and lack of proper hygiene routines.

To live a life that is truly rich, one must seek to understand themselves, what drives them and what current thoughts, habits and behaviors are detrimental to progressing and growing.

Thoughts, behaviors and action patterns make up a life.

What are your patterns? What can you eliminate to clear your mind? To find your real purpose?


Live with Panache.

Penthaus Panache


Artwork by Okamiden24

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