Bushido: The Warriors Code

The Exoskeleton of a Samurai

Samurai have always been mysterious and intriguing for many reasons .

A primary reason is that they lived by a code, the code of Bushido.

What is Bushido ?

“The way of the warrior”


A portion of the moral values  exemplified in Bushido were:





Mastery of Fighting (Martial Arts) 

Honor until one’s Last Breath

Balance between peace & war.

Between Strife & Serenity. 

Sacrificing the self for the collective.

Family Focused

Bushido consists of codified systems within codified systems, it  many layers & many nuances of how to live was influenced by the practices of Shintoism & Zen Buddhism .

See, Bushido wasn’t a system that just grew out of randomness, values present in Bushido existed in Japanese society and Bushido grew in various ways over the course of many years.

Bushido simply formalized and became an institution through the Samurai around the time of the Tokugawa Shogunate or even earlier.

Those who followed Bushido were to become sophisticated warriors, they possessed wisdom as well as the technique, they possessed the ability to act with the knowledge of knowing how and when to act.

The attire of the samurai commanded fear from enemies and respect and admiration from general society.

The inner reflected the outer.

Design was integral to their lives, it led them from how they presented themselves to the world to the values they practiced on a habitual basis.




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