Meiji Restoration Pt. II

The Meiji Restoration, as it is with many cultural and societal revolutions was birthed through the combination of a variety of factors.

These factors were:

  • Strife – Japan was clan and lord based which led to constant strife in many regions leading to a weaker overall Japan.
  • Wealth Disparity -Due to the fierce loyalties between the clans & constant strife this led to a lack of stability and minimal upward mobility, leading to a wealth gap between various samurai.
  • Self Preservation – As technology progressed one could only stay in isolation for so long, before long other nations wanted to take over pieces of Japan. A divided Japan would not be able to ward of the many enemies that vied to take over.
  • Kokuati – A sense of national collective consciousness was slowly arising out of necessity.


What can one learn from this ?

  1. Change doesn’t happen overnight it happens with a lot of factors organically arising and colliding.

     2.   When things are not working out, the first step is to realize things aren’t working out and to               change it, good things can happen.

Change worked for a fractured country – it can for you too.

Featured artwork by modzelewskiart



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