Jacopo Ridolfi

Jacopo Ridolfi has a strong past in the shoe industry in that this runs in the family. His mother was a master crafter of shoes and this interest was passed onto him as he progressed through life. He believes that “the most interesting shoe, is the one not yet realized, so, I’m also pleased to create… Read More Jacopo Ridolfi

Govan Originals

Etsy is a great marketplace because it promotes independence, uniqueness and distinction, allowing individuals to create and cater to their individual communities of buyers who are drawn to their creations. We celebrate specialization and individuals striving to carve their place in the fashion world and so we will be highlighting different pieces from Etsy. The first… Read More Govan Originals

Fashion Guide: Modern x Distinct Men’s Loafers

Shoes can make or break your entire outfit, here are some options to anchor a strong and emphatic look. The faded, washed-up looking boat shoes are in need of retirement so here are some options to diversify your looks. Cole Haan – Pinch Weekender The perfect shoe for a clean cut, casual or dressy look. These maintain a great… Read More Fashion Guide: Modern x Distinct Men’s Loafers